Alma L. Pond – Mexican Missionary

On Sunday October, 3, 2010, following the conclusion of the LDS General Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Museum of Mormon Mexican History MMMH, sponsored an evening to be remembered and cherished.

This was a unique night for those in attendance and for the museum itself.  The founder, Fernando R. Gomez, put together a special presentation for the Pond family.  The connection between the Pond and Gomez families goes back almost 100 years, when missionary Alma L. Pond, from Logan, Utah, came in contact with a young Gomez family.  This family was baptized on April 5, 1925 into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and one of the members of the Gomez family was a young 14-year old boy, who was Fernando Gomez’s father.

With a night filled with tears of joy and excitement, the Pond and Gomez families renewed their connection once more.  By the charity of Fran Pond Westover and Janet Pond Mecham, daughters of Alma Pond, two of Alma Pond’s diaries from his mission were donated to the museum and now can be preserved and cherished by so many more.  The history of Mormonism in Mexico is important and vital to the roots of so many families today.  If you don’t think so, just ask the Pond and Gomez families.

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